Explore the badlands

Our location gives guests the best of both worlds when visiting the badlands. A quiet, peaceful camping experience away from the lights and sounds of town, immediate access to some of the best hiking/exploring in the entire region, all within several minutes’ drive from everything that is offered in both the Drumheller and Rosebud valleys. Here’s a few of our top recommendations for activities in the area, some for a fee some for free!

This is just the start! We are a new campground with big plans onhow we can offer more towards your badlands camping experience in the months and years to come.

Kneehill County is also dedicated to creating more visitor experiences and recreational opportunities since their acquisition of Horseshoe Canyon, all with the goal of sustainability and long term ecological preservation. Check out https://www.kneehillcounty.com/2272/Horseshoe-Canyon for more info.

Thanks for checking us out and hope to see you soon!

Attractions map